If possible, leave your phone at home. However, this is increasingly difficult as we need to communicate during protests. If you must bring your phone, follow this guide to do so safely.


Use Signal to organize and communicate with other protestors you trust. Install here:

Avoid sending plain text SMS messages.

Do NOT use messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or other social media chat apps — at least not for sensitive communications or for organizing purposes, and certainly not during a protest or direct action.

Burner Phones

How to set up an anonymous burner phone. By @foxfire_brigade.

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Signal Best Practices

Signal Best Practices

Signal Best Practices. Click to enlarge.

Video Chat

Use Jitsi for video calls. It is encrypted and open-source, like Signal.

Do NOT use Zoom for organizing. Zoom calls are not secure, are not encrypted, are full of security and privacy flaws, and the company willingly and actively cooperates with law enforcement agencies.

Other Resources

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