This site aims to collect as many guides and resources as possible on how to ensure your safety and the safety of others during protests, demonstrations, and other direct action. The goal is to provide accurate, mobile-friendly, easy-to-access information under an easy-to-remember URL. Use this site to learn how to protect yourself and your comrades.

No matter how peaceful you are or intend to be, the police will use aggressive force. Cops will act with indiscriminate violence and a total lack of restraint. They will even attack journalists, arrest reporters, and target street medics. Don't go alone. Take care of each other. 🖤


Please email info [at] safeprotest [dot] tips to send us contributions or corrections.

What if you cannot attend?

There are plenty of valid reasons why you may be unable to attend a protest or other direct action — but don’t worry! You can still contribute to the safety of your comrades in the streets. Check out the Staying Home Guide for other ways you can show up in solidarity with The Uprising.